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AIMSE Europe Terms & Conditions


  • Membership is annual and runs from 1st January – 31st December.
  • Membership is on a company basis and entitles an unlimited number of people from the member firm to attend conferences at a discounted rate.
  • Membership is limited to the named member firm and is not extended to the companies within the same group.
  • Membership cannot be transferred from one company to another.
  • Membership fees are non refundable.
  • VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate.
  • Membership is conditional upon the payment of the subscription fee.
  • Renewal notices will be sent to the primary contact at each member company by the end of November in the current membership year for payment by the end of January of the new membership year (the “Renewal Date”).
  • If any subscription payable to AIMSE Europe is not paid by the Renewal Date the membership will be deemed to be “Awaiting Payment” and all member benefits will cease.
  • If after 90 days from the Renewal Date, sums payable by the Member to AIMSE Europe remain outstanding that Membership will lapse.
  • A Member shall also cease to be a Member on the expiry of 28 days notice to AIMSE Europe of withdrawal from Membership. In cases of withdrawal, no refunds for the remaining term of membership will be paid.
  • The Board of AIMSE Europe reserves the right to review membership and their decision will be final.
  • If you supply us with or have previously supplied us with a copy of your company logo we will continue to display this on our website and/or marketing materials unless we receive a replacement from you, you ask us to remove it or your membership lapses for any reason.
  • In providing membership services to you and in accordance with our privacy policy we will obtain and process personal data relating to various contacts at your company. This data will be held on a database managed by AIMSE Europe’s administrator. Currently this is Kingston Smith Association Management (KSAM).
  • AIMSE Europe will email all the various contacts at your company from time to time with information on events and/or other activities/benefits offered by AIMSE Europe.
  • A copy of our privacy policy can be found here

If you have any questions please call us on +44 (0)1625 664536 or email:

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